Yosef Y. Manela, Esq.


Yosef Y. Manela


Mr. Manela was responsible for Fortune 500 and Blue Chip Company financial statement audits while working at the Los Angeles office of Deloitte and Touche LLP Once promoted to senior accountant at Deloitte, Yosef returned to UCLA School of Law where he graduated with a Juris Doctor in Law with a concentration in corporate law.


While at UCLA, Yosef also concurrently obtained a Masters in Business Administration from the John Anderson Graduate School of Business Management at UCLA. 

His specializations are in finance and in entrepreneurial studies. Presently, Yosef is in the midst of publishing several articles related to sophisticated tax planning for retirement and has just completed a Tax LLM at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.


Yosef is also an active member of the State Bar of California and he assists his clients with an entire array of transactional assistance and business advice. Yosef loves to problem solve and you can find him spending hours with many of his clients exploring innovative solutions to their accounting, business, and financial concerns.

Advance Knowledge

Yosef Y. Manela, Esq, principal, has advanced degrees in accounting and taxation law. He constantly updates his knowledge through continuing legal education. His extensive education and cross-disciplinary training allows him to perform a comprehensive examination of your entire tax situation and identify the best way to resolve your particular tax problem.