About Manela & Associates

Manela & Associates is specialized in probate law which includes probate and wills; estate planning and revocable trusts; healthcare power of attorney; business and corporate representation including contracts, corporate structuring, business merger and acquisitions, and rigorous tax planning and fervent representation.

Trained Negotiators

Manela & Associates are trained negotiators that present your case to the tax authorities in the most advantageous manner possible. The strategic manner in which your tax case is presented to the tax authorities may be crucial to successful resolution. Our education and experience have resulted in expert negotiating skills that we put to work when dealing with the tax authorities on your behalf. We construct an overarching theory behind your tax issue and present your case persuasively utilizing only the most salient facts. This strategic approach offers our clients a clear advantage when resolving their tax problems.

Count On Us

Whether before the United States Tax Court, The Franchise Tax Board, The Employee Development Department, or another state tax agency, we solve tax problems. You can count on us to quickly understand your financial situation, to provide effective legal counsel, and to aggressively represent you. We are prepared to handle even the most complex cases, and have successfully resolved them consistently.